May 14, 17:23

TR-4658. NetApp SANtricity Cloud Connector 4.0

Не все знают, что NetApp E-series имеет возможность создавать резервные копии в объектном хранилище. Поддерживается AWS и NetApp StorageGRID. Предполагаю, что и другие S3-совместимые решения будут работать, для таких случаев есть процедура FPVR.

NetApp SANtricity Cloud Connector 4.0 is a host-based Linux application built specifically for engagement with the NetApp Data Fabric through NetApp E-Series storage systems. NetApp has partnered with Amazon Web Services to allow full-block and file-based backup and recovery of E-Series volumes to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and NetApp StorageGRID. Available for installation on RedHat and SUSE Linux systems, the SANtricity Cloud Connector is a packaged solution (.bin file). After it isinstalled, you can configure the SANtricity Cloud Connector to perform backup and restore jobs for E-Series volumes to your existing Amazon S3 or StorageGRID account. All jobs performed through the SANtricity Cloud Connector use RESTful APIs. This report provides the technical details for each feature, general limitations, and specific restrictions that must be considered to successfully use the features.

TR-4574. Deploying NetApp E-Series with Ansible. Automating E-Series

Все линейки СХД NetApp поддерживают управление при помощи Ansible. E-серия не исключение.

Ansible is a simple yet powerful orchestration tool that is sweeping the IT world. NetApp E-Series has joined the Ansible community to provide you with a quality solution for managing your E-Series storage systems. This document grounds you in the Ansible philosophy and provides the necessary information to get started. It walks you throughhow to define your storage infrastructure in Ansible inventories, apply policies for each target system, and how to use E-Series modules and roles. Finally, we introduce the netappeserieshost role which enforces a set of policies for provisioning storage, creating hosts and host groups, mapping volumes, and configuring ports.

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