April 18, 17:29

Наткнулся на reddit на обсуждение зависаний бекапов VMware на NFS, при использовании Veeam.

Привлёк комментарий:

“However, with NFS, you should really use Direct NFS transport instead (which is Veeam exclusive, proprietary transport - not a part of VMware VDDK). It is specifically optimized for NetApp, because it was born as a part of direct integration with NetApp storage snapshots many years ago. So, not only it is extremely mature - but it also works especially well with NetApp in terms of performance due to those original optimizations.”

Автором оказался Антон Гостев, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Veeam.

Ну и заодно блогпост на тему: Efficient Veeam NetApp Backup from Storage Snapshot

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