April 15, 14:51

Oracle on ASM vs Oracle on NFS.

Пост от Jeffrey Steiner, архитектора из NetApp, автора многих TR по работе Oracle. В целом из названия всё ясно. Накидаю цитат, которые доносят основную мысль поста.

“Broadly speaking, if someone has a massive FC SAN infrastructure in place and ASM was already embedded in established business practices, I wouldn’t try to change that. It would be a waste of money and it would be throwing away staff experience.

If a project involves a wholly new infrastructure, I’d rather go with an IP protocol. It costs less, and it’s easier to manage, especially where Cloud is involved.”

“Personally, if I needed to design an architecture for 3 or 4 large mission-critical, IO-intensive production databases I’d probably use ASM over FC-SCSI or FC-NVMe. If the requirement is a 3000 database DBaaS project that changes frequently, I’d probably choose NFS.”

Больше деталей с плюсами и минусами каждого из подходов по ссылке.

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Oracle on ASM vs Oracle on NFS

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