February 07, 10:30

​​Новая версия NetApp Trident 19.01 — плагина для интеграции с #Docker и #Kubernetes Поддерживается работа с ONTAP (AFF/FAS/Select/Cloud), Element (HCI/SolidFire) и SANtricity (E/EF-Series).


- Updated Trident's 3rd-party dependencies for 19.01 release.

- Added support for Docker 18.09, Docker Enterprise Edition 2.1, OpenShift 3.11 and Kubernetes 1.13.

- Removed support for Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Kubernetes 1.8.

- Kubernetes: Added support for raw block volumes for iSCSI PVs.

- Kubernetes: Added retry logic to installer for Kubernetes object creation.

- Kubernetes: Updated etcd to v3.3.10 and client-go to v10.0.0.

- Kubernetes: Trident now honors the nfsMountOptions parameter in ONTAP NAS backend config files.

- Behavioural change: The Trident installer now automatically adds the backend used to provision the Trident volume in new installations.

#Trident #k8s



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