January 21, 11:44

24 января в 14:00 по Москве можно послушать вебинар “Using NetApp Trident with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Provisioning Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

- Space-efficient snapshots for restoring volumes of any size in just seconds.

- Instant persistent volume cloning with FlexClone® technology for rapid dev/test processes.

- Lower storage costs through thin provisioning, data deduplication, compression, and automatic storage tiering from block to object storage on Amazon S3 or Azure Blob.

- High availability that ensures RPO of zero and under-60-second RTO.

- Highly-efficient, block-level data replication with SnapMirror® for data migration, DR and backup.

- And much more

Напомню, что Cloud Volumes ONTAP — это в прошлом ONTAP Cloud, Trident — это плагин для Docker и Kubernetes для подключения внешнего хранилища.

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Provisioning Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

Join this live webinar and learn about the full benefits of provisioning persistent volumes for Kubernetes using NetApp’s Trident and Cloud Volumes ONTAP.