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December 21, 06:46

22 января будет вебинар про NVMe/TCP.

In this webinar, the lead author of the NVMe/TCP specification, Sagi Grimberg, and J Metz, member of the SNIA and NVMe Boards of Directors, will discuss:

•What is NVMe/TCP

•How NVMe/TCP works

•What are the trade-offs?

•What should network administrators know?

•What kind of expectations are realistic?

•What technologies can make NVMe/TCP work better?

•And more…

What NVMe™/TCP Means for Networked Storage

In the storage world, NVMe™ is arguably the hottest thing going right now. Go to any storage conference – either vendor- or vendor-neutral, and you’ll see NVMe as the latest and greatest innovation. I...