November 07, 2018

Forwarded from Brocade Russia SAN:

Farewell to the Brocade 300 Switch😂

After thousands of units sold, with a massive install base around the world, the day has finally come to retire the Brocade 300 Switch. Alas, it’s been said that “every new beginning comes from other beginnings end,” and the last shipment of the Brocade 300 is no exception.

Key dates for the Brocade 300 EOL process:

· End of Life (EOL) initiated on October 16, 2018

· Last Time Order (LTO): February 16, 2019

· Last Customer Ship (LCS): April 16, 2019

· End of Support (EOS): April 16, 2024

EOL notice is now available here:

Brocade Product End of Life

Once you have received an End of Life (EOL) notification from Brocade, you can continue to purchase the product until the Last Time Order date, assuming that it is still available.