September 20, 2018

​​Вышла новая версия ОС для NetApp E-series — SANtricity OS 11.50. И это очень приятное обновление, потому что теперь EF570 и E5700 поддерживают NVMe over RoCE. Если кто забыл, то эти модели уже около года поддерживают NVMe over IB.

Что нового:

- NVMe over RoCE interface - An NVMe over Ethernet (RoCE) host connection can now be ordered for EF570 or E5700 E-Series controllers. System Manager includes new functions for configuring the network connection to the host (available from the Hardware page or from Settings > System), and functions for viewing data about the NVMe over RoCE connections to the storage array (available from Support > Support Center or from Settings > System).

- Manual drive selection for Volume Groups - In addition to convenient automatic selection, you now have the option to select individual drives when you create a Volume Group. In general, automatic drive selection is recommended but the individual drive selection option is available for those with special drive location requirements.

- Remote mirror setup - It is now possible to set up a mirroring relationship between some combination of E2800/EF280 and E5700/EF570 from within SANtricity System Manager. Previously this required SANtricity Storage Manager enterprise management window, and this is still the case if a storage system other than those mentioned is involved.

- SANtricity Unified Manager - SANtricity Unified Manager is a separately installed, browser-based application that discovers and manages E2800/EF280 and E5700/EF570 storage systems. This is not strictly speaking a new feature of System Manager, but it provides a new browser-based enterprise framework from which SANtricity System Manager can be launched for discovered systems. The new E-Series SANtricity Unified Manager can be downloaded from the NetApp Support software downloads area.

- 32Gb/s Fibre Channel and 25Gb/s iSCSI host interface cards available for EF280/E2800 platform

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