May 22, 2018

Brocade устраивает вебинар по результатам тестирования NVMe over FC с NetApp. В канале есть ссылка на документ с результатами тестирования от Demartek.

Forwarded from Brocade Russia SAN:

Systems Engineer at Brocade Russia

Demartek Performance Audit: NVMe over Fibre Channel Beats SCSI.

Join our webinar on June 5th

Brocade recently participated in a 3rd party performance audit of NVMe over Fibre Channel versus SCSI FCP protocol. Performed by Demartek in collaboration with NetApp, Emulex and Brocade, the audit delivered crucial insights into the benefits you could gain by adopting this innovative, super-fast protocol.

Join our webinar and learn:

• What aspects of the NVMe stack make it so much more efficient than SCSI

• What applications are expected to benefit most from NVMe over Fibre Channel

• What is on the horizon for NVMe over Fibre Channel

With NVME over Fibre Channel proven to deliver dramatically higher IOPS and lower latency than SCSI FCP, this is time well-invested for the future of your storage networking.

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